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When you are involved in a case with the Department of Children’s Services in Tennessee, treat their attorney as you would the prosecutor in a criminal case – say nothing to them unless approved by your own attorney.  As for your own attorney, if you do not want to agree to something in court, it is your right not to agree.  Never forget that the DCS attorney is prosecuting you for dependency and neglect.  He/she is not your friend nor are they on your side.  Also be wary of the Guardian ad Litem in your case.  He/she is to represent the best interests of the children but far more often than not, they are “in bed” with DCS and prosecuting you as well.  Remember that that GAL is an attorney and do not speak to him/her without your own attorney present.

If you are involved in a CPS investigation, retain an attorney as soon as possible.  You have rights that DCS is not allowed to trample on unless you allow them to.

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